GM Panto Flores Trains The Youth In Naga City

The original San Miguel Eskrima Club thru Grand Master Panto Flores continues to spread and share the youth in Naga City the basic techniques of Eskrima. Fourteen made it to graduation last May 25, 2011.

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The Original San Miguel Eskrima

This is the official site of the original  San Miguel Eskrima of Filemon “Momoy” Canete. The two descendants of Momoy his only son GM Andres “Cano” Canete and his grand son GM Panto Canete Flores are the living authorities and bearers of San Miguel Eskrima(SME) system. SME was handed over to them by their late grand father Momoy.

On November 20, 2010 at Zipline, GM Cano Canete and GM Panto Flores with the help of GM Val Pableo and SGM Dionisio Canete, formed a pack to reunite and formalize the San Miguel Eskrima founded by the late Momoy Canete. Legal papers are now in the process of setting up a non-profit, non-stock organization, the San Miguel Eskrima International Inc.

This institution is the governing body that oversees and controls the San Miguel Eskrima of Momoy Canete.

Filemon “Momoy” Canete is the real father of San Miguel Eskrima system which has been widely used by some of world’s great masters of eskrima.

It is sad to say that the name San Miguel Eskrima has been grossly misused and even claimed originality by some renowned grand masters all over the world. Soon the San Miguel Eskrima Inc(SMII) legal advisers will take action to those who are illegally using the name.

Cano Canete, the only son of Momoy

Panto Flores, the grand son of Momoy

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San Miguel Eskrima System Techniques

The original San Miguel Eskrima System founded by Filemon “Momoy” Canete which was handed over to GM Panto Flores(Grandson) and GM Cano Canete(Son) is now under the control and supervision by one institution, the San Miguel Eskrima International Inc(SMEII). It has the sole authority of these techniques:

SAN MIGUEL FORM COMPLETE—–two man executed
ANANANGKIL———————-long sword
SPIRITUAL HEALING(for selected students only)

Please email for your further inquiry

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14th Anniversary of Filmocan

Today November 27, 2010, Filmocan Eskrima Club’s 14th Anniversary was a historic one. It was graced by no less than Doce Pares Supreme Grand Master Dionisio Canete and his two  Grand Masters Percival “Val” Pableo and Andres “Cano” Canete.

The meat of the evening was the exciting exchange of demos from both camps. GM Panto Flores demonstrated his espada y daga San Miguel style while SGM Dionisio Canete performed also his own system of espada y daga.

This is also the first time that the true blooded Canetes , SGM Dionisio(brother of Filemon “Momoy” Canete), GM Andres “Cano” Canete(son of Momoy) and GM Panto Canete Flores(Grandchild of Momoy) had a warm fellowship with each other in a formal gathering.

SGM Dionisio Canete earlier encouraged and helped that San Miguel Eskrima be formalized and registered to SEC. Earlier on, the two original bearers of San Miguel Eskrima system GM Andres “Cano” Canete of Doce Pares and GM Panto Flores of Filmocan have joined pact to be in one institution, the San Miguel Eskrima International Inc. Soon they will formalize the organization.

An inspirational message by SGM Dionsio Canete

Filmocan Escrima Club members with Doce Pares. At the center(white) is GM Panto Flores, in his left is SGM Dionisio Canete, in his right is GM Percival Pableo.

GM Panto Flores performed a single stick san miguel style.

SGM Dionisio demonstrates his own system of espada y daga with GM Percival Pableo

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GM Panto Flores Trains The Youth

Gm Panto trains the youth of San Vicente Village last summer of 2010. Check this video

GM Panto Flores demonstrates the bull whip

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